The New Roku Streaming Stick Is All You Need


The New Roku Streaming Stick Is All You Need
All images: Adam Clark Estes

Do you own a set-top box that you love? That’s great—keep loving it! Are you interested in seeing what all the fuss is about? Then consider the new $50 Roku Streaming Stick. It’s cheap and easy and versatile, and frankly, that’s really what you should want.

At face value, there’s nothing terribly extraordinary about the new Roku stick. The specs (1080p HD, dual-band wifi, endless available channels) are largely similar to the last generation—though it also features a beefed up quad-core processor and the handy ability to stream audio to your mobile device so that you can use headphones. The new stick itself is about half the size of its predecessors, although I couldn’t really care because it stayed hidden behind my TV. It also comes with a remote that’s almost identical to all the other Roku remotes, though it lacks the the headphone jack you get with a Roku 3 or 4. The important thing is that the new stick comes with Roku’s latest software. That’s key.


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