6 tips for a cybersecure honeymoon

You’ve done it, you’ve got married. The big day is over, and while you’re relaxing on honeymoon you definitely don’t want to get distracted by security problems. So, we rounded up some quick tips to keep you safe.

  • Refrain from posting on social media about your honeymoon. This is good practice before you leave as well. You don’t want people knowing that your home will be empty, so it’s better to wait to show off your honeymoon happiness until you get back home.
  • Feel free to use a VPN. Hotel and airport Wi-Fi is safer now than years ago, thanks to HTTPS everywhere. But if you still can’t shake the feeling of being “exposed,” use a VPN you trust
  • Turn on Find My device. Both iOS and Android offer ways for you to track your device. So turn this on before you go, and if you lose your device you can remotely wipe it, or even leave a message on the screen for whoever finds it.
  • Use strong passwords and encryption. If you don’t use a strong password on all devices, now is the time to change that. Better still, invest in a Password Manager. And make sure that all data stored on your devices is encrypted and backed up before you go.
  • Turn off Bluetooth connectivity. As a rule of thumb, turn it off it if you don’t use it. If you can’t do that, disable it when it’s not in use. Keeping it enabled could allow someone to discover what other devices you have connected to before, pretend to be one of those devices, and gain access to your device.
  • Leave your device in the hotel’s safe. When you’re not using a device, keep it in the safe. What you don’t bring along, you can’t lose or drop in the ocean.

Happy honeymoon!