Email / Spam Protection

Email / Spam Protection

Protect your business from the dangers of the net

While email is vital for your company’s communication and for storing critical business data, it can also be a real threat to your data. Online attacks are increasingly prevalent, including SPAM, phishing, viruses and malware. You need protection that keeps your systems safe around the clock.

Email/Spam Protection from MakoLogics will:

  • Streamline your business processes – By taking storage needs from your server
  • Safeguard your email and contacts – Prevent viruses, SPAM, worms and other online threats
  • Simplify your searching – With complete email indexing and easy access to essential records
  • Make access easier – With flexible search options and attachment and message archiving
MakoLogics will tailor-make solutions to ensure your email helps drive your company’s success, instead of creating security problems that could affect your business’ bottom line.


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