Malwarebytes acquires Cyrus Security

Today, I am absolutely thrilled to share some exciting news: Malwarebytes is officially welcoming Cyrus Security into our family. This acquisition signifies an exciting chapter in our journey, and I wanted to share why this development is so special, and what it means for the millions who trust Malwarebytes to keep them safe.

We have always been committed to keeping you safe and secure in the digital landscape. But cybersecurity isn’t limited to defending against malware anymore; it’s about ensuring your entire digital identity remains unscathed and your private details remain private. With Cyrus Security’s specialized solutions, we can further our promise, delivering a more comprehensive protective shield.

Cyrus Security, much like Malwarebytes, has been an innovative force in the cybersecurity realm.

Its relentless focus on protecting users from identity theft and ensuring online privacy has consistently impressed us. Merging our forces means bringing together two of the industry’s brightest minds.

Cyrus security’s skills, expertise and technology will complement Malwarebytes’ advanced threat detection and remediation capabilities in a number of exciting ways:

Mobile security expertise

One of the standout aspects of Cyrus Security is its unparalleled expertise in mobile user experience. As our world becomes more mobile-centric, this proficiency is crucial. With Cyrus on board, our users can expect even more robust protection on their mobile devices, ensuring safety on-the-go.

Expanding our toolset

Cyrus Security’s cutting-edge technologies will soon be integrated into our product suite. Imagine the robust Malwarebytes protection you know and love, now amplified with Cyrus’s identity protection tools. It’s a combination that promises to enhance the security of our customers, no matter what device they are using.

Growth and learning

Every acquisition is a two-way street. While we’re eager to integrate Cyrus Security’s tools into our portfolio, we’re equally excited about the knowledge exchange, the shared learnings, and the new perspectives that will enrich our team.

A Future Full of Possibilities

With the combination of Malwarebytes and Cyrus Security, we are gearing up to explore emerging aspects of cybersecurity we haven’t ventured into before. This acquisition isn’t just about what we can offer now, but what we can develop and deliver in the future.

To our Malwarebytes family–both old and new–this acquisition is a testament to our commitment to you. Your safety, your trust, and your peace of mind are what drive us every day. With Cyrus Security on board, we’re more equipped than ever to champion these values.