Malwarebytes Admin update: New Detection screens to manage threats!

We released version 1.2 of the Malwarebytes Admin app for iOS and Android last week, adding new Detection features make it easier to see and manage threats.

Designed as a companion to the Nebula console, Malwarebytes Admin allows administrators to quickly review, investigate, and resolve security issues in just a few taps. The latest version of the app features major new additions such as a Detections Screen, a Detections details screen, and dashboard filters.

With this update, customers get a detailed look at malicious activity in their environment so they can quickly spot and take action on infected endpoints. Let’s take a look at the new additions!

Dashboard View

In the dashboard view, scroll down to see the widget for latest Detections by category. 

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Detections Screen

The Detections Screen feature allows Nebula administrations to see all of the detections in their environment. For each item in detections list, admins can see:

  • Threat Name
  • Action Taken Category (Malware, PUP, etc)
  • Endpoint Name

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Administrators are also able to filter detections by Endpoint Name, Threat Name, Action Taken, Category, and more. Filtering by date options, such as Today, Yesterday, Last 7 days, and so on, are also available.

Detections Individual Screen

On the Detections Individual Screen, Nebula administrators can view further details for individual detections by tapping on one of them. Endpoint actions are also available on the Detections Individual Screen.

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Detections on Individual Endpoint Screen

Admins are able to navigate from the individual endpoint screen to a list of detections for that endpoint. The same filters from the Detections screen apply here.

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Try Malwarebytes Admin today

No more having to make a beeline out of the bathtub to resolve critical alerts. Receive instant notifications on your phone and quickly review, investigate, and resolve issues in just a few taps—now with new Detection features to further streamline threat management.

Download the app for iOS or Android today and experience the convenience of having the power of Nebula right in your pocket.