Malwarebytes Premium Security stops 100% of malware during AV Lab test

Malwarebytes Premium Security has maintained its long-running, perfect record in protecting users against online threats by blocking 100% of the malware samples deployed in the AV Lab Cybersecurity Foundation’s “Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test.”

For its performance in the May 2024 evaluation, Malwarebytes Premium Security also received a certificate of “Excellence.”

According to AV Lab, such certificates “are granted to solutions that are characterized by a high level of security, with a rating of at least 99% of blocked threats in the Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test.”

Every two months, the cybersecurity and information security experts at AV Lab construct a series of tests to compare cybersecurity vendors against the latest malware that is currently being used by adversaries and threat actors.

For the May evaluation, AV Lab tested 521 unique malware samples against 13 cybersecurity products. Malwarebytes Premium Security detected 521/521 malware samples, with a remediation time of 44 seconds—well below the 52-second average determined by AV Lab in its most recent testing.

Three cybersecurity vendors failed to block 100% of malware tested: ESET, F-Secure, and Panda.

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To ensure that AV Lab’s evaluations reflect current cyberthreats, each round of testing follows three steps:

  1. Collecting and verifying in-the-wild malware: AVLab regularly collects malware samples from malicious and active URLs, testing the malware samples to understand their impact to networks and endpoints.
  1. Simulating a real-world scenario in testing: To recreate how a real-life cyberattack would occur, AVLab uses the Firefox web browser to engage with the known, malicious URLs collected in the step prior. In the most recent test, AVLab emphasized the potential for these URLs to be sent over instant messaging platforms, including Discord and Telegram.
  1. Incident recovery time assessment: With the various cybersecurity products installed, AVLab measures whether the evaluated product detects a malware sample, when it detects a sample, and how long it took to detect that sample. The last metric is referred to as “Remediation Time.”

Malwarebytes is proud to once again achieve a 100% score with AVLab’s Advanced In-The-Wild Malware Test, a trusted resource that proves our commitment to user safety.