PCMag ranks Malwarebytes #1 cybersecurity vendor

PCMag, one of the most trusted publications by IT professionals, named Malwarebytes the #1 most-recommended security software vendor on its list of Best Tech Brands for 2023. 

The ranking is based on a Net Promoter Score (NPS), a composite rating based on customer reviews from PCMag’s Reader’s Choice and Business Choice surveys, meaning the score reflects real user feedback.

Malwarebytes ranked #3 out of ALL tech brands, ahead of Apple and Bose, with a NPS score shooting up from 77 in 2022 to 83 in 2023 for security suites, demonstrating the growing trust IT teams and MSPs place in our EDR and MDR solutions.

Why readers chose Malwarebytes 

There are a number of reasons why PCMag readers ranked Malwarebytes as the #1 cybersecurity brand ahead of vendors like Webroot and Bitdefender. It all starts with superior prevention.

Malwarebytes consistently ranks #1 in third-party evaluations, with a 100% detection rate with zero false positives. For example, we’re the only vendor to win every MRG Effitas certification & award in 2022 and so far in 2023 on the rigorous independent lab tests.

The behavior-based detection techniques and proprietary anti-exploit technology of Malwarebytes EDR is proven to detect and block more malware and advanced threats than any other vendor.

But todays IT constrained organizations need endpoint security solutions that not only prevent the most advanced threats, but that are easy to use as well. Malwarebytes’ customers rank our EDR highly for its ease-of-use, remediation capabilities, and total ROI.

Award-winning EDR Solution 

Malwarebytes EDR has been recognized for having the Best Support, being Easiest to Do Business With, having the Easiest Admin, being the Easiest to Use, Most Implementable, and the Easiest to Set Up.   

“The Nebula console is one of the most user-friendly interfaces we’ve come across. We can’t recommend it enough.” – Justin N.

“Malwarebytes makes it simple to deploy. Additionally, the user interface has minimal impact on the end-user, so its win-win. Support are happy to help when you do hit the occasional bump and the portal is easy to use and very responsive.” – John K.

We remediate better

Unlike other EDR solutions, Malwarebytes is born out of remediation, with a long history of finding and fixing what other solutions miss—as seen in our Remediation Map of Malwarebytes’ superior detection in action.  

Automated and thorough malware removal is hard, and vendors too often focus only on deleting the active malicious executables. Malwarebytes’ proprietary technology removes dynamic and related artifacts to thoroughly remediate infections and prevent reinfection.

“Prior to Malwarebytes, we spent many hours and days cleaning up viruses and malware that other products failed to identify and remediate. We now have close to zero need for after infection cleanups which frees us up to do other things.” – Ron M.

Highest ROI 

Ranked #1 EDR in G2’s Summer 2023 report, Malwarebytes provides the best estimated ROI of all endpoint protection suites based on a unique combination of rapid implementation and time to ROI. 

“The best part about Malwarebytes is the set it and forget it. It has saved us so much time on deployment and remediation that it pays for itself in no time at all.” – Ron M.

“It keeps our working environment much more secure than our previous solution. Much easier to manage in real time. This thing is a money saver and pays for itself.” – Tyson B.

Why organizations choose Malwarebytes MDR 

Customers not only love the easy effectiveness of our  EDR; our Managed Detection and Response (MDR) managed service receives high praise too.  

The powerful and affordable threat detection and remediation services of Malwarebytes MDR has rescued many an IT team member from persistent threats and sleepless nights. Drummond, a Florida-based print company, experienced the benefits of 24×7 monitoring and threats investigation to stop attacks firsthand:

“Cyber threats are 24/7, and my team needs to sleep. The MDR team watching our network around-the-clock gives us a chance to sleep without worry. With Malwarebytes MDR backing us up, I also finally got to step away and take a two-week vacation. I’m just glad to know that we have a security team watching over our shoulder and making sure it’s all clear.” – Dennis Davis, IT Systems Manager, Drummond 

Try Malwarebytes for Business today 

Most of all, we appreciate the trust and support of our customers in making Malwarebytes the #1 cybersecurity solution for IT teams and MSPs.  

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