Powering the future of ThreatDown with AI

Nobody can deny the influence of AI today. In just a few years, we have observed AI’s capacity to be as transformative as the internet and smartphones, especially for cybersecurity. Indeed, the potential of AI to radically simplify complex security environments is unmistakable, and aligns closely with our mission at ThreatDown to reduce threats, complexity, and costs for our customers.

With continuous advancements in AI and its ever-expanding potential to enhance user experiences, ThreatDown remains dedicated to integrating these technologies into our solutions going forward. Let’s dive into where we are with AI and where we’re headed.

What led us here

We’ve always been big on democratizing security for all, and we believe AI has the potential to do just that. With this in mind, in late March 2024 we added a powerful AI functionality to our industry-leading Security Advisor. Users can now use simple natural language requests to search for information about their environment, ask for recommendations on how to optimize their security posture, and more.

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Users will now see an “Ask AI” search bar on the Endpoints, Detections and Vulnerabilities pages

The deployment of generative AI into our Security Advisor propels us closer to our goal to make security management more accessible, especially for companies with constrained IT resources. Generative AI’s ability to sift through vast datasets to highlight essential issues and suggest actions significantly lowers the barrier to advanced security, eliminating the necessity for deep security know-how among users. But we’re not done yet.

Where we’re going

As we integrate generative AI, we envisage a host of potential advancements that could further revolutionize security management:

  • Global AI search: Our team is considering the development of a universal AI search feature, integrated across all products, that can comprehend natural language queries and surface relevant data.
  • Evolving summarization techniques: Imagine an AI that can not only summarize threats detected by EDR tools but also provides remediation steps with contextual help to follow along.
  • Dynamic security recommendations: We’re exploring the possibility of AI that not only provides recommendations but also adapts them in real-time based on the evolving security context of each user.

Pioneering simplicity in security with AI

AI will likely become a bigger and bigger fixture in security as the years go on, and as it evolves, ThreatDown is deeply committed to simplifying security management through the power of AI.

Nebula users can use Security Advisor and its AI capabilities today. Learn more.