Shutdown Kaseya VSA servers now amidst cascading REvil attack against MSPs, clients

A severe ransomware attack reportedly taking place now against the popular Remote Monitoring and Management software tool Kaseya VSA has forced Kaseya into offering urgent advice: Shutdown VSA servers immediately.

“We are experiencing a potential attack against the VSA that has been limited to a small
number of on-premise customers only as of 2:00 PM EDT today,” Kaseya wrote on Friday afternoon.

“We are in the process of investigating the root cause of the incident with an abundance of caution but we recommend that you IMMEDIATELY shutdown your VSA server until you receive further notice from us.

It’s critical that you do this immediately, because one of the first things the attacker does is shutoff administrative access to the VSA.”

The attack is reportedly delivered through a Kaseya VSA auto-update that maliciously pushes the Revil ransomware onto victims’ machines. Kaseya is a popular software developed for Managed Service Providers that provide remote IT support and cybersecurity services for small- to medium-sized businesses that often cannot afford to hire full-time IT employees, due to their limited size or budgets.

Complicating the attack is the fact that, according to cybersecurity researcher Kevin Beaumont, the malicious update carries administrator rights for clients’ systems, “which means that Managed Service Providers who are infected then infect their client’s systems.”

For a company that says it has 40,000 customers, this could be a disaster.

During the attack, the cybercriminals reportedly shut off administrative access to VSA, and several protections within Microsoft Defender are disabled, including Real-Time Monitoring, Script Scanning, and Controlled Folder Access.

A screenshot from Malwarebytes reveals a ransom note delivered to an infected Windows machine. In the note, attackers warn:

“|—=== Welcome. Again. ===—

[-] Whats HapPen? [-]

Your files are encrypted, and currently unavailable. You can check it: all files on your system has extension 7pc78r01. By the way, everything is possible to recover (restore), but you need to follow our instructions. Otherwise, you can’t return your data (NEVER).”

Malwarebytes customers are currently protected from REvil, as shown in the screenshots below, and Malwarebytes is committed to continuing this protection. (Malwarebytes detects REvil as Sodinokibi)

We will update this post with more information as it becomes available, but the immediate guidance from Kaseya cannot be overstated: Shutdown VSA servers immediately.

Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)



REvil/Sodinoki DLL


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