Trusted Advisor now available for Mac, iOS, and Android  

First released for Windows last year, the Malwarebytes Trusted Advisor dashboard is also now available on Mac, iOS and Android. 

Our Trusted Advisor dashboard provides an easy-to-understand assessment of your device’s security, with a single comprehensive protection score, and clear, expert-driven advice. 

In our recent report, “Everyone’s afraid of the internet, and no-one’s sure what to do about it,” we found that only half of the people surveyed feel confident they know how to stay safe online and even fewer are taking the right measures. 

So, though the fears are big, they are followed by very little action. We want to make things easy for our customers so they know what they should be doing, and how. 

Computer security can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you consider all the different devices and operating systems. We want to help our customers, whatever they use. 

Getting it right means knowing what software needs to be updated, whether your system settings are configured securely, and running active protection that can uncover hidden threats. 

Getting it wrong means leaving gaps in your defences that malware, criminal hackers, and other online threats can sneak through. 

Trusted Advisor takes away the guesswork by delivering a holistic assessment of your security and privacy in a way that’s easy to understand, making issues simple to correct. It combines the proven capabilities of Malwarebytes with the knowledge of the brightest industry experts to give you an expert assessment that puts you one step ahead of the cybercrooks. 

Protection score

At the heart of Trusted Advisor is a single, easy-to-understand protection score. If you’re rocking a 100% rating then you know you’re crushing it. 

Trusted Advisor's Protection Score

If your score dips below 100%, we’ll explain why, and offer you a checklist of items to improve your security and boost your score. 

Trusted Advisor's Protection Score on mobile

Trusted Advisor’s recommendations are practical and jargon-free, so they’re easy to action.

Recommendations from Trusted Advisor

Six steps to security

Trusted Advisor monitors various categories of information around security and privacy to assess your overall Protection Score: 

  • Real-time protection monitors your device continuously, stopping and removing threats like malware as they appear. It’s vital for keeping you safe from the most destructive threats and the most common methods of infection, so Trusted Advisor will alert you if you aren’t fully protected. 
  • Software updates fix the coding flaws that cybercriminals exploit to steal data or put malware on your system. Staying up to date is one of the most important things you can do for your security, so Trusted Advisor has your back here too. 
  • General settings covers settings within Malwarebytes, Operating Systems, or your network preferences. Trusted Advisor checks for settings that may not be configured correctly. For example, on iOS it ensures you have defined a passcode for your device and activated web and call protection. 
  • Device scans are routine scans that seek out hidden threats on your system. Trusted Advisor will tell you if you get behind and need to run a scan manually. 
  • Online privacy helps you take a proactive stance on your privacy by hiding your IP address and blocking third-party ad trackers, making you’re harder to track on the web. Trusted Advisor monitors this so you only part with the personal information you intend to. 
  • Device health guards against slowdowns and other performance problems. Trusted Advisor helps you get the most out of your system so that you aren’t left guessing whether it was malware grinding your device to a halt. 

Even with an excellent score, you can’t guarantee absolute safety, though it places you in the closest proximity to it. By following our recommendations, you’ll be in the best security situation you can be.

Try it today

If you’re an existing Malwarebytes customer you will get Trusted Advisor automatically, but if you’re in a hurry, you can go to Settings > About > Check for updates and get it right now. If you aren’t, you can get Trusted Advisor by just downloading the latest version of Malwarebytes.