Webinar recap: 6 critical cyberthreats in 2024 and how to counter them

Our webinar on the 2024 State of Malware report is now available on-demand. Featuring cybersecurity experts Mark Stockley and Jérôme Segura, this webinar unpacks 2024’s most critical cyberthreats, including big game ransomware, malvertising, and emerging challenges to mobile and Mac security.

Key highlights:

  • Expert insights: Stockley and Segura explain how the cybercrime landscape has shifted significantly in the past year, outlining the six most critical cyberthreats to watch out for in 2024.
  • Practical defense strategies: Learn about how layered defense systems, including EDR, MDR, and web protection, can protect your data, devices and your business from emerging cyber threats.
  • Why it’s essential: The webinar equips IT and security teams with a new threat prevention playbook that they can leverage today to prepare for 2024 cyberthreats of all types–not just malware.

Don’t let evolving threats catch your organization off guard—watch the webinar and arm yourself with the latest insight.